Chapter One by Piotr Kwiatosz means refined dishes from selected ingredients, a exclusive form of serving, professional service and a unique atmosphere. All these elements form a complete whole and have one common goal, goal which is to change the visit in the restaurant into a memorable experience.

The “first chapter” at the outset is suddenly bombarding the senses, sharpened during consumption, in order to bring carefree memories in a moment, soothing the flavors of our childhood. The idyllic fragrances of the Lublin region are confronted with elements of cuisine from around the world.

Chapter One by Piotr Kwiatosz – the first fine dining restaurant in Lublin gives the opportunity to celebrate special moments without a hasty rush in an elegant nevertheless cozy interior located in the charming Old Town of Lublin. The sophisticated and refined in every detail Menu takes guests on a culinary journey while satisfying the most demanding gourmets. Wines and beverages that remain interesting stories enhance the flavors of the dishes, and the dinner turns into a memorable experience.