Lublin is a city full of unusual places and tales. To truly understand the unique character of our city, you need to learn and experience it with all your senses. The Place of Inspiration Programme is aimed at the food-service industry. It was launched in 2009 at the initiative of the Lublin City Office. At present, many food-serving establishments can boast their excellent cuisine, original interiors, and sophisticated menus. Hoverer, the Place of Inspiration Programme is much more than just excellent quality, perfect service, or location. The awardees of the programme make a visit to any given place an unforgettable adventure, and for tourists often a unique memory of their stay in Lublin.

The main idea behind the Place of Inspiration Programme is to award places which, in addition to providing basic catering services, provide their guests with the emotions and impressions connected with getting to know and experiencing the heritage and atmosphere of our city.

Being among the awarded establishments is a prestigious achievement, and a chance to gain new customers, who more and more often choose places marked with the characteristic plaque of the Programme. Guests visiting the recommended places can be certain not only of a successful stay, but also the possibility to get to know the city better, thanks to the available promotional materials and information provided by the specially trained staff. In addition, there are many interesting events during the year, which bring closer selected elements of old traditions and the confluencing cultures of Lublin, as well as initiatives showcasing the contemporary character and potential of the city.

We were honoured to receive the coveted PLACE OF INSPIRATION title during the fifth edition of the Place of Inspiration Programme on 8 October 2018.

We would like to express our gratitude for this great honour. It is a true privilege to be able to inspire, delight and promote Lublin in doing our daily work. We would like to thank everyone for appreciating the hard work we do to contribute to the culinary history of Lublin and keep alive its traditions.

Taste the flavours of Lublin with us!

Chapter One by Piotr Kwiatosz Team